PLANOFIL® – Swiss made by AG Cilander

The company behind the PLANOFIL® brand is AG Cilander. Based in Herisau in the Swiss region of Appenzell, the company looks back on 200 years of trading, exceptional expertise and innovation that have made it one of the world's leading providers of high-quality textile finishing.


From interiors and architecture to transport, industry, health and safety and even sustainable fashion – AG Cilander supplies an array of industries with a diverse range of textile finishing services and customised solutions. This covers all stages of the finishing process: From pre-treatment at the dye works and high-grade finishing right through to final checks in our dedicated testing laboratory. And our expertise is just as extensive as our service. With a high degree of flexibility, a strong intuition for market needs and an efficient organisational and operational structure, AG Cilander is able to ensure the very best quality.

The functions of all high-performance fabrics from Cilander – such as the PLANOFIL® tarpaulin material – are fully tested and are drawn from decades of experience. Always following strict ecological and social standards, the company brings not only new and innovative functions but also sustainable value to its textiles.


Our strengths

  • Textile finishing
    We finish textiles to the highest technical standard
  • Experience
    Tradition and expertise in the textiles industry that spans more than 200 years
  • Service
    A full service package that goes far beyond the product
  • Flexibility
    Our extensive and diverse fleet of machinery allows us to meet your every need


How did PLANOFIL® come about?

PLANOFIL® was originally developed in response to a request from the Swiss Army. The light yet hard-wearing material made from 100% polyester with specialist eco-friendly polyurethane coating soon proved itself to be particularly well suited for use as a tarpaulin or boat cover. Furthermore, PLANOFIL® impressed users with its excellent physical properties as a genuine all-purpose material for every kind of protective cover, which is superior to comparable products in many functional aspects – including in terms of weight, waterproofing, beading effect or even tear propagation resistance.

Aside from the functional properties and the top quality processing and material, boat upholsterers, car upholsterers and other cover manufacturers value the Swiss made tarpaulin textile for its flexible handling and the ease with which they can process it.



How is PLANOFIL® made?

Step 1
The starting basis for our ultra-lightweight PLANOFIL® tarpaulin material is a 100% polyester ripstop material. In the first step, this is washed, heat set and dyed. This ensures PLANOFIL® stays lightfast and colour fast.

Step 2
In the second step of textile finishing, the tarpaulin material is coated with a special type of eco-friendly polyurethane.


Step 3
Next the material is re-impregnated, cut to size and processed into rolls measuring 50 m long and 178/180 cm wide.

Step 4
Finally, the material is put through thorough quality checks.

PLANOFIL® & sustainability

Tested, standard reviewed, certified

As owner of the PLANOFIL® brand and a pioneer in the field of innovative textile processing, AG Cilander considers sustainability a top priority. This is why the company not only places importance on achieving maximum compliance with functional standards, but also works continuously on optimising its processes and improving its performance in environmental standards. AG Cilander is proud to have an ever-growing number of prestigious certifications and sustainability accreditations to its name, some of which it has held for decades.

The certificates held for PLANOFIL® are:



  • STeP stands for Sustainable Textile & Leather Production
  • Comprehensive inspection of production conditions from a sustainability perspective: Chemicals management, environmental performance, environmental management, social responsibility, quality management, health protection and occupational safety
  • Ensures that a product has been manufactured using environmentally friendly processes under socially responsible working conditions
  • Annual recertification audit

ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015

  • ISO 9001: Internationally recognised, most widely used quality management standard
  • Structures, processes and sequences are documented and standardised
  • ISO 14001: Internationally recognised standard for environmental management systems
  • Defines development, implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement
  • Annual recertification audit

Sustainability measures in the production of PLANOFIL® go beyond our certifications

As well as earning hallmarks and certifications, the sustainability measures implemented at AG Cilander, manufacturer of PLANOFIL®, are designed to encompass additional aspects, such as:

  • Operation of state-of-the-art exhaust air purification systems – no harmful waste gases of any kind leave the Cilander facilities
  • Continuous supervision and review of further economic and environmental developments
  • Ongoing development of our 2025 energy concept
  • Reduction in CO2, including annual tracking of the course of reduction
  • Use of chemicals as sparing as possible/use of environmentally friendly products containing low amounts of harmful substances
  • Consultation with specialists to determine the most environmentally friendly disposal methods for chemicals
  • Collaboration with a recycling coach
  • Use of a solar power system
  • Planning and implementation of an LED concept

Made in Switzerland – finest quality, durable and low-maintenance

By producing PLANOFIL® at the company's own facilities in Switzerland, Cilander AG is able to ensure continuous compliance with all environmental measures. A further benefit of this is that the company can guarantee the high product quality and, in turn, the durability of the tarpaulin fabric, which is a key factor for sustainability. Thanks to its excellent properties such as high-grade durability and weather resistance, PLANOFIL® can deliver a longer and ultra-versatile service life – wherever objects need protecting from the elements. This safeguards not only the customer's resources but also the environment's resources. Furthermore, with production in Switzerland, long transit routes can be avoided.

PLANOFIL® – long-lasting protection can be this easy.