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Whether it's a vintage motor or a brand new car, a motorhome or a sports car, an SUV or a hatchback, a racing bike or a scooter – buying a good-quality cover for vehicles of any kind is money well spent.

Covers protect cars, caravans, motorbikes and other vehicles from the weather, bird droppings, dirt and dust – whether they're in daily use, packed away for the winter, or in medium to long-term storage. No matter what the time of year, covers are indispensable when it comes to retaining the value of vehicles.


PLANOFIL® tarpaulin material

For this demanding application, PLANOFIL® is the go-to material for car upholsterers, as well as vehicle owners, car dealers and motorbike shop owners. The excellent functional properties of our versatile Swiss-made tarpaulin material make it the best all-weather protection for covering vehicles: extremely hard-wearing and weather-resistant, UV-resistant, ultra tear-resistant, waterproof, water-repellent and dirt-repellent, yet low-maintenance and flexible, lightweight and compact to store. Furthermore, PLANOFIL® is extremely straightforward to handle and to work with.

The key benefits of PLANOFIL® for use in car/vehicle covers


Reliable protection

Not only car aficionados and motorbike enthusiasts, but rather every vehicle owner should feel passionate about effective protection for their vehicle. With the right cover made from high-quality, functional material, such as our PLANOFIL®, paint damage can be easily avoided, as well as ageing or discolouration of interior elements such as the dashboard or leather seats. This helps cars, camper vans and bikes hold their value much longer.

PLANOFIL® provides high-grade protection against:

  • Weather conditions (wind or storms, rain, snow, ice, heat, UV radiation)
  • Bird droppings
  • Insects, tree sap
  • Scratches caused by animal claws or falling branches
  • Pollen, Saharan dust
  • Dirt, air pollution
  • Dust
  • Condensation/mould (built-in ventilation intakes recommended)


Durable and hard-wearing

The specialist eco-friendly PU coating makes PLANOFIL® so hard-wearing that it reliably protects more than just the vehicle beneath it. The high-quality tarpaulin fabric withstands the toughest outdoor conditions in summer and in winter, because PLANOFIL® is:

  • UV-resistant (UV protection factor 50+, tested to ISO 13758 standard)
  • Weather-resistant and temperature-resistant (from -40 to +80 ºC)
  • Waterproof (water column of 200 cm)
  • Water-repellent (tested in accordance with Bundesmann ISO 29865)
  • Dirt-repellent
  • Special mould-prevention treatment

Lightweight and space-saving

PLANOFIL® weighs just 190 g/m2, making it lighter than any comparable tarpaulin on the market. The low weight also saves time and energy when covering and uncovering even large vehicles. What's more, our PLANOFIL® tarpaulins roll up to a compact size to be stowed away even where storage space is tight.


Tear-resistant and abrasion-resistant

Anyone who invests in just one high-quality PLANOFIL® cover can still count on reliable protection for their vehicle after years and years of outdoor use. Even after long-term exposure to wind, rain and sunlight, the car cover will not become brittle or lose its shape:

  • Tear resistance tested in compliance with ISO 13934-1
  • Tear propagation resistance tested in compliance with Elmendorf ISO 13937-1
  • Abrasion resistance tested in compliance with Martindale ISO 12947-2


Low-maintenance and easy to clean

Though washing or servicing the car may take a little effort, cleaning the PLANOFIL® itself couldn't be simpler; it's virtually self-cleaning. Thanks to a special water-repellent finish with non-stick properties, even heavy dirt struggles to stick to the surface of the tarpaulin; instead, it usually washes off the next time it rains.

For all that it is designed for resilience, PLANOFIL® cover material is surprisingly thin.

PLANOFIL® – great protection can be this easy

Be it Porsche, Audi, Mercedes or BMW, Harley or Vespa, under hard-wearing and weatherproof PLANOFIL® tarpaulin material – the Rolls Royce of vehicle covers – your pride and joy is perfectly protected all year round.

Be it Porsche, Audi, Mercedes or BMW, Harley or Vespa, under hard-wearing and weatherproof PLANOFIL® tarpaulin material – the Rolls Royce of vehicle covers – your pride and joy is perfectly protected all year round.

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